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Program Highlights

21-day Accelerator

Dive deep into a transformative 21-day program designed to supercharge your trading skills.

Learn to Trade Course

Equip yourself with proven strategies and insights. Navigate the markets with confidence.

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Access to our community, insightful webinars, weekly trade ideas, and receive dedicated support — all within a dynamic trading hub

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Why Choose Tori Trades?

A Wealth of Experience

With 9 years in the trading arena, Tori brings a depth of knowledge and insights that few can match.

Transparent Approach

Tori believes in complete transparency, ensuring that traders are always in the loop and understand the rationale behind every trading decision.

Down-to-Earth Teaching

Tori's teaching style is relatable and grounded, ensuring concepts are communicated clearly and effectively.

Embracing Trading Realities

Rather than painting an overly rosy picture, Tori embraces the real challenges and rewards of trading, preparing traders for the actual ups and downs of the market.

Comprehensive Learning

You'll have a customized trading plan and a streamlined system to sustain your growth

Supportive Community

You'll be comfortable and confident when taking trades

Founder & Instructor,

Tori Trades ✨

My interest in stocks sparked back in 2015 when my uncle offered to teach my sister and I how to trade.

We spent a year learning everything we could from my uncle. We would wake up and talk stocks over coffee.

Then we would sit down and have our training sessions for hours each day.

I’ve now been a student of the markets for 8 years!

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