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Tori Trades Accelerator

With 8+ years of trading experience, I’m combining the knowledge I’ve passed to thousands of traders with direct support and feedback to help you become a profitable trader.

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Introducing The Tori Trades Accelerator 🚀

The Accelerator is a 21-Day Live Training focused on helping traders at any stage become profitable traders.

We equip you with the necessary systems and strategies you need to be able to grow as a trader without having to second guess yourself.

How It Works ⛺️

21-Day Live Training

Over the span of 21-days we’ll have a mixture of Live Classes, Group Sessions, and Recap Sessions. This will be the core of the program and it’s designed to take you from a complete beginner to a seasoned trader well on your way to becoming profitable.

Incomparable Support

Over the 21 days, you’ll join a group with a dedicated coach. This coach, a standout student of mine from before, will work alongside me to ensure you get the best value throughout the program. I have complete trust in them to guide you well.

Private Community

You’ll be part of community of thriving and driven traders that are on the same journey as you. This is where our home will be over the course of the 21-Days, you’ll be able to ask me any questions, meet fellow traders, and much more.

What is included in the 21-day accelerator:

The Results ⭐️

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Your strategy was simple. I didn’t need to rush anything. Just focused on the plan we laid out and that’s it.

You truly understood where I was at and put together a play that would work for me.

You focused a lot on building a stressful-free environment for me so that I could become a profitable trader.


The Goal After the Accelerator ✅

You’ll understand my EXACT strategy for structuring your trading to maximize your profits
You'll have kickstarted your journey to a profitable trading career
You'll know how to keep growing and refine your plan and system
You'll have a customized trading plan and a streamlined system to sustain your growth
You'll be comfortable and confident when taking trades
You’ll meet a powerful community of traders and likeminded individuals help you along your journey
You won’t need to be stuck on your screens 24/7 and have more freedom in your trading

The Mission

When I hear traders tell me how trading has changed their life it’s the one thing that pushes me to keep putting out value. When it came to this Accelerator my team and I spent months building a training we knew that would help traders bridge the gap to become profitable. Our number one goal is to ensure that every trader that walks into this Accelerator comes out with the direction and confidence they need to turn trading into a profitable venture.

Wall of Love

Pricing 💳

The Tori Trades Accelerator


/one-time fee

Price Will Be Increasing For Future Accelerators

Key Features


Frequently Asked Questions

The Accelerator itself will last 21-Days but you’ll have access to the recordings and community for lifetime.

The Accelerator is designed for a trader at any stage of their journey. If you’re an absolute beginner and have no knowledge of trading at all we’ll provide you with a few resources before the Accelerator starts to get you up to speed.

All live sessions for the 21-Days will be hosted at 7PM EST.

Yes, all of the live sessions will be recorded for you to keep and revisit.

In order for you to join the Accelerator you’ll need to submit your application first. If your application is accepted you’ll be given the opportunity to enroll on launch date.

The Accelerator itself will last 21-Days but you’ll have access to the recordings and community for lifetime.

In order to complete registration the investment required is $1,997. (Keep in mind you can only register IF your application is accepted).

We have a dedicated session once a week for those who are in the different timezones. Also, Discord community is open 24/7. Aside from that, we have a designated coach that will handle those who are in the different timezone(e.g. UK time, Australian time, etc).

The strategy can be applied to all markets, timeframes, and instruments.

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